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SPE Ghana Section Sweeps Two Top International Awards at the 2023 ATCE in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Updated: Jan 25

The Society of Petroleum Engineers—Ghana Section (SPE Ghana) is fast becoming the ideal section and a trailblazing force in Africa through remarkable strides and resounding accomplishments that will forever echo in the chronicles of the global energy industry.

The year in retrospect, SPE Ghana undertook several groundbreaking and growth-oriented activities that emanated incessant elevation, excellence, and productivity. This gained the section global traction and culminated in several international laurels.

SPE Ghana has been in the limelight of the energy industry for some time now and has often been applauded by renowned energy organizations and stakeholders for the section's unflinching dedication to bolstering the energy industry and being a beacon of hope for the African energy industry.

SPE Ghana has earned its place in the history of energy by achieving a remarkable feat of clinching not one but two prestigious awards during the Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE), held in San Antonio, Texas, USA, from October 16–18, 2023.

The SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) is the leading technical energy conference and exhibition for global E&P professionals that focuses on driving the discussion around innovation in energy and the technology development that is forging the industry's road to sustainable solutions and growth.

This year's event convened key companies in the energy industry and featured invaluable technical paper presentations, insightful panel discussions, intellectually stimulating contests, and the showcasing of cutting-edge technologies.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers International, which is keen on incentivizing its outstanding member sections, crowned the efforts of SPE Ghana in fulfilling its mission by bestowing the section with two esteemed awards.

The SPE Ghana Section was honored with the coveted SPE Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year and the SPE Presidential Award for Outstanding Section, setting a new standard for excellence and inclusivity in the energy sector.

The SPE Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year award is a testament to the unabated commitment of SPE Ghana to fostering a culture of respect, equity, and belonging in the global energy sector.

The section has been at the forefront of championing diversity and inclusion through instrumental initiatives that aim to inspire change, accelerate advancement, and break barriers.

The SPE presidential award for the outstanding section of the year is the ultimate honor in SPE; it recognizes the crème de la crème, the best of the best, and is exclusive to the top 10%. The award lends credence to the industrious attitude of SPE Ghana in fulfilling SPE's mission and setting a remarkable example for other sections across the globe.

The section has been focused on duly serving its members, engaging with students and young professionals, collaborating with other sections and organizations, contributing to social responsibility projects, and promoting the industry's best practices.

The incumbent Section Director for SPE Ghana, Dr. Riverson Oppong, while radiating the beautiful Ghanaian culture by wearing stunning Kente apparel, received these awards on behalf of the section at the ATCE. He expressed his immense pride in this recognition on an international platform.

He appreciated every member of the SPE Ghana family who worked selflessly around the clock and contributed diligently to this achievement, with special mention to the remarkable SPE Ghana D & I committee, which was chaired for the year under review by Sheena Owusu-Ansah, who also happens to be the current SPE Ghana Section Chair. "This award will serve as a constant impetus for us to continue bolstering diversity and inclusion in the energy sector," the section director emphasized. He also added that the section is poised to further align with the vision of SPE International to lead towards a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow. "This year has been nothing short of phenomenal for us." The section director, quoting Aristotle, highlighted the essence of deploying good qualities, which resulted in these exceptional achievements for the section.

He also expressed his gratitude to SPE International for crowning their efforts with these stellar awards, which cement their position of excellence and inclusivity within the sector.

In conclusion, the incredible achievements of the Petroleum Engineers Ghana Section, winning the 2023 SPE Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year award and the SPE Presidential Award for Outstanding Section, mark a momentous milestone not only for SPE Ghana but also for all African sections and the entire African energy sector.

Their dedication, unwavering commitment to diversity, and tireless efforts have set a new benchmark for excellence and inclusivity in the energy sector. The awards solidify the society's leadership in the noble endeavor of promoting the African energy sector. With these two significant awards in their grasp, the section fixates its sights on a promising future filled with trailblazing activities, international laurels, growth, and continued excellence.

They have earned their place at the seat of prominence and etched their names with indelible ink in the history of oil and gas.

They're indeed a trailblazing force to be reckoned with.

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