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Embracing Innovation: Redefining the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry in Africa


19th-21st May, 2024


Accra, Ghana

Distinguished Guests

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Activities in GH-BISE 2024



Innovating the Africa Oil and Gas Industry: Creating Opportunities for Young Professionals in the Changing Energy Landscape


Away Day

Date: 19th May

Time, 12PM

Venue: Papaye Recreational Centre


Workshop & Debate

21st May,

Time: 9AM & 1PM

Location: Alisa Hotel, North Ridge, Accra



Embracing innovation: Redefining the future of the oil and Gas Industry in Africa.


SPE Ghana Section BISE

Date: 20th May

Time: 9AM

Location: Alisa Hotel, North Ridge, Accra



Talent planning: Developing a robust pipeline of qualified individuals for key roles

Date: 21st May

Time: 9AM

Location: Alisa Hotel, North Ridge, Accra


GH-BISE is renowned for providing a platform where professionals and experts from various sectors can converge to discuss and explore cutting-edge innovations in the oil and gas industry. Our conferences offer a dynamic environment where individuals can engage in stimulating conversations, share insights, and collaborate on addressing the challenges facing the sector. By fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, GH-BISE aims to drive the industry forward and establish new benchmarks for excellence.


At GH-BISE, we prioritize creating opportunities for networking and idea exchange among attendees. Through panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions, participants have the chance to connect with industry leaders, forge valuable partnerships, and gain valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies. Our commitment to facilitating meaningful interactions ensures that each attendee leaves the conference with new perspectives, ideas, and contacts to propel their careers and organizations forward.


We invite professionals, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders to join us at GH-BISE and be part of an enriching experience that promises to inspire innovation, foster collaboration, and shape the future of the oil and gas industry. Together, we can explore new frontiers, tackle complex challenges, and unlock the full potential of this vital sector. Join us at GH-BISE and be part of a transformative journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

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Message from Section Chairperson - Sheena Owusu Ansah

I am excited about GH-BISE 2024 and happy to welcome all participants to the events. SPE undoubtedly plays a crucial role in shaping the energy industry globally, and events like this make it possible.
For the set of activities that would unfold in the designated three days of GH-BISE, the SPE Ghana section promises all participants nothing but insightful, thought-provoking, and groundbreaking discussions that will shape the future of Energy in Africa.
Aside from the educative industry discussions, room is made for adventure, entertainment, and networking as participants journey along the breath-taking sceneries in Ghana.

I can't wait to welcome all participants from the 19th of May!

Remarks by Event Chairperson - Riverson Oppong, PhD.

Last two years' GH-BICE was an awesome experience, and this year's BISE promises to be even better!

With the panel discussions, exhibitions, and side events put in place, we expect 2024 GH-BISE to be a complete hub for knowledge sharing, networking, and capacity building, in the energy industry. 

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