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SPE Ghana recorded its highest professional membership in 2022

We need to keep the spirit alive.

SPE Ghana recorded its highest professional membership in 2022

Dear Industry colleagues and student members,

On behalf of the section officers and board members, with great honour, I am pleased to welcome you to 2023, a year full of great potential and new opportunities. Having shelled out a wonderful year plugged with technical sections, health programs, membership build-up programs, diversity and inclusion activities, local content conferences, student chapter conferences, Energy programs, economic stabilization talks and a lot more activities, I am thankful to you all for your great input in making 2022 a successful, lively, and prosperous year.

It is without a doubt that last year was a very tough year, not only for the Ghanaian oil and gas industry but the world. Yet SPE Ghana section demonstrated concerns about the repeated cycles of high oil prices in a stab to transform it efficiently and innovatively in addressing related challenges to grow sustainably.

Nonetheless, this is a new year and a fresh beginning where we must collect and exchange technical knowledge concerning petroleum and related technologies to enhance our technical and professional competence.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your persistence as we collectively and successfully waggled and navigated our way through 2022. SPE Ghana recorded its highest professional membership in 2022, and we need to keep the spirit alive.
We have a new opportunity in 2023 to shape the future of the energy industry in Ghana and beyond. Thus, providing ample opportunities to share experiences, explore new technologies, and test innovative methodologies, and most importantly serve through the act and spirit of volunteerism.

Even as we look forward to hosting the Africa Student Congress in May; Our Monthly Technical Lectures for YPs and Student Lecture Series will spotlessly continue. We recently held a Beach Cleaning and Tree Planting Exercise under the SPE Cares project. Please note that there shall be a couple of Technical Workshops; our dynamic D&I Team will not be left out – as we expect exciting activities like Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, Time with Kids, Women in Engineering week, etc.; and we have initiated our Corporate Training and Mentoring Programs to support our Students and YPs in Ghana, just to mention a few.

I want to also challenge all members of SPE to think outside the box and be wholly involved in providing the industry with continued knowledge-sharing, professional development, technology showcases, training, and unmatched targeted networking opportunities.

I remain resolute to assisting you to unshackle your potential and my doors will stick around open to discuss great ideas. Through your optimistic attitude and endurance, I am convinced that we can collectively meet any challenges head-on and together make 2023 our best year ever.

I wish you a fruitful year filled with peace, joy, and growth in every aspect of your life.

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